Top Roulette Sites For American Players

Everyone has their own image of what represents the classic gambling game. For some, it might be a circle of intensely concentrating players enjoying a card game like poker or baccarat, while for others it is the big gambling halls of a land casino with its ranks of slot machines and equal ranks of coin popping players. However, there is a uniquely glamorous and exciting quality about roulette, even when played as online casino roulette at home. There is something tantalizing about this particular gambling game, the red and black numbered slots being the colors often associated with fame and riches.

Perhaps surprisingly, roulette is also a game that has been with us for a very long time. While inventing the guillotine, Revolutionary Paris also perfected the roulette game by 1796 although there were not many French aristocrats left to play it. Since those turbulent days, roulette's popularity has steadily increased to reach its current iconic status, which been further enhanced by the advent of free online casino roulette. For the first time in this game, an online player can avoid the crowding and competing for seats and placing bets.

With online casino roulette, bets can also be measured in cents if players wish, rather than the many dollars minimum stakes of land based tables. The convenience of being able to play at home or on the move is a given. There is also the option of playing free casino roulette where players can try out the game first without placing a stake to see if they enjoy it and understand the various plays.

The basic casino roulette game is simple: bet on a color, a number or number combination. The options available are more complex, ranging from a straight up where players bet on a single number through to betting on the ball landing on evens or odds. The former has odds against the player of 37 to 1 while the latter has much narrower odds of 1.111 to 1. In between are a range of plays such as a corner, where players bet on any 4 numbers in a block (8.5 to 1 against).